My name is Bryan Thomas Preuss, or as many of you may know me as the artist formerly known as “Schweitzer”. I started making wine many years ago to satisfy a urge to create something, something that was the culmination of everything I learned about life, passion, and the restaurant world. And thus Omnivore was born, it is a multi-headed wine beast and manifestation of many wine experiences.

Omnivore Cellars is a small craft winery/cidery committed to making varietally correct and exceptionally crafted wines from fruit from the Pacific Northwest. The goal is to make a variety of sparkling ciders, white, red and dessert wines, one of which will pair with any kind of cuisine an omnivore can contrive. The idea of Omnivore Cellars was born back in the early 2000’s working in the fancy steakhouse world in Seattle, when I left the back of the house, traded in my chef’s coat and hat from an apron and a wine key, and started learning everything I could about a deep passion I had in wine.

In 2004 I started training as a Sommelier with the International Sommelier Guild. It was here under the tutelage of two exceptional Master Sommeliers that I crafted my palate. It was in the steakhouse that I learned what the guests liked to drink.

From This:

I’m happy to announce the beginning of a new era at Omnivore Cellars. After five vintages in a custom crush facility by the Fremont Bridge, Linh and I purchased a home with a large enough detached garage with a covered crush pad to move production into our backyard. Finally, a brick and mortar home for our tiny little nano-winery, we have begun piecing together the essential equipment, and working on the wishlist of wanted equipment. 2014 will be the first crush in our new home in Shoreline WA, come check us out by appointment only for the time being. I spent all summer on the remodel and reto-fit to cut down on my commute to get my hands dirty, and am pretty proud of the results.

To This:

The tanks and fermentation bins are on their way, then the grapes, then more barrels, then a forklift. We are going to do everything in our new winery till it’s too full and we have to move into a bigger rented facility.